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Robin S. Weingast & Associates + Paylocity = An Exciting Opportunity!

Robin Weingast & Associates is excited to announce an exciting new value-added service for our clients: Paylocity.

Paylocity gives you access to a robust, all-in-one, custom solution that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Paylocity removes extra steps from your workflow by submitting employee demographic data and deferral contributions to many of the large investment carriers and giving the Robin S. Weingast team direct access to your year-end census data, which streamlines that year-end administration process.

In addition, Paylocity empowers you to:

  • Manage your payroll from a fully online portal that also integrates accruals and reporting.

  • Seamlessly recruit, onboard, track, and review employees.

  • Access all data, reports, and dashboards via your mobile device. Your employees can also access their personal dashboard from any device.

  • Create custom reports that deliver real-time analytics and insights.

  • Integrate your 401(k), FSA, workers comp, expense reporting, and more.

  • Enable employees to communicate with each other, view company news, reminders, organizational charts, and more — all through a mobile-friendly interface.

Paylocity and Robin S. Weingast & Associates understand that no two clients are alike. Just as we design custom benefits plans that meet your needs, Paylocity will build you a custom, cloud-based solution that works for your company and for your team, and will provide you with a dedicated Account Manager.

Interested in learning more about how Paylocity can be your all-in-one payroll and HCM solution?

Contact Robin S. Weingast today to receive more information and an exclusive 20% discount!

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